About Company

Asictrader company is a dynamically developing investment company that occupies a leading position in international financial markets.

The partners of the company are the world’s largest financial holdings with years of impeccable reputation.

Our business is based on the use of the most modern innovative technologies to ensure comfortable and trouble-free operation in the financial markets. We do not limit our clients to work in one of the commodity, stock or currency markets.

The Newest Asictrader Trading Platform allows you to use your knowledge, skills and experience in working with shares of the world’s leading companies. It allows taking part in the bidding for major commodity products (gold, gas or oil), try your hand and succeed in the foreign exchange market. Despite the wide range of assets the Platform allows working with, it is so simple and clear even for beginners that there is no need to have special knowledge or skills.

We offer you the most effective investment solutions that will help to preserve and multiply your start-up capital.

We value all our clients from around the world regardless of the size of their accounts. This is precisely why our main purpose is to provide a wide range of investors with all the opportunities for successful work in the stock market.

Your financial success is the main reward for our efforts.